September 10, 2021

MMW successfully passed Gafta audit

We are happy to inform that the production and technological laboratory of Mykolaiv Milling Works (MMW) was recognized as appropriate to high international standards of Gafta after the audit and in confirmation of that received the Certificate of Conformity with The Gafta Analysis and Testing Standard.

GAFTA is an International Grain and Feed Trade Association (headquartered in London) that has been in the grain market for over 135 years and provides the international market with a system of the highest standards regarding the rules and principles of grain trading.

The audit of the MMW laboratory has been made in June 2021.

Following the audit MMW was listed on the Gafta Approved Register of Analysts and we received a Certificate of Conformity, which indicates that our company follows best modern practice in providing technical services in international trading of agricultural goods.

We would like to express our gratitude to all members of the team of our Terminal, due to the well-coordinated work of who we were able to receive such a high assessment from the International Association.

Therefore, MMW terminal is providing a proven perfect service for all customers.