Social responsibility

Compliance with social norms of production

Guarantee of labor protection and safety

– the creating an attractive job offers

– providing the necessary funds to carry out effective work

– regular certification of workplaces

Respect for human rights

– encouraging the all-round development of employees

– non-discrimination

– the keeping a fair partnership and a culture of mutual assistance

Social projects

– participation in projects to provide charitable assistance to local medical institutions

Compliance with environmental production standards

Environment protection

– separate collection of waste with subsequent transfer for utilization and neutralization by an appropriate institution

– -installed modern aspiration equipment

Ecology of production

– progressive introduction of the HACCP quality management system

– maintaining the cleanliness of the area adjacent to the territory of the enterprise

Business Compliance

Trust&Clean Business

– anti-corruption and providing the policy of transparent business

– adhering to the principles of healthy competition and respect for partners

– business development and creation of additional investments in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine