The main impact of the enterprise on the environment during transportation and storage of grain crops is the impact on the atmospheric air. The characteristic of the grain terminals, namely, the location within the city of Mykolaiv, was already taken into account at the stage of the enterprise reconstruction project, and solutions have been laid down to minimize the impact of the enterprise on the atmospheric air.

ECO protection system

Preferential use of airtight cargo transportation technology, both in the process and inthe delivery / shipment to customers

Use of aspiration networks and high-efficiency filters starting work before the start-up of the technological equipment, and finishing after the equipment stops operation with a two-minute delay

The automatic blocking of technological equipment in case of malfunctions of aspiration systems

Use of energy efficient boilers and grain dryers running on natural gas

Waste management

The PJSC “MMW” is not a significant waste generator, since waste is mainly generated during the repair and maintenance of transport technological equipment. At the same time, the enterprise introduced a separate collection and temporary storage of hazardous and resource-valuable wastes, which are subsequently transferred for disposal and neutralization to licensed enterprises of the corresponding direction.

Environmental monitoring

According to the terms of a permit for emissions of pollutants from stationary sources, the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration under No. 4810136300-449 (validity date -20.03.2029), specialized engineers in the laboratory annually monitor emissions of pollutants at emission sources. Also, the concentration of pollutants and the influence of physical factors are monitored on the territory of the approved sanitary protection zone of the enterprise.