The elevator complex of the “MMW” Grain Terminal consists of three adjacent reinforced concrete silos with a storage capacity of up to 66,000 tons of grain, and modern high-tech steel silos of the world manufacturer AGI (Canada) with a capacity of 76,000 tons. The total capacity of one-time storage is 142,000 tons.

The Grain Terminal is equipped with a closed gallery for transporting grain to the 10th berth of the Mykolaiv Sea Port with a capacity of 1 000 tons per hour for further shipment to sea vessels using the NEUERO shiploader (Germany). The “MMW” Grain Terminal provides handling of sea vessels such as Handysize, Handymax, Panamax (with additional loading on a barge).

The elevator provides a full range of services for grain storage:

Grain receiving and unloading from 5 independent lines for vehicles, and from 2 lines for railway wagons

Drying grain with the modern Swedish manufacturer TORNUM

Processing (separation), cleaning and storage of grain for further processing

Grain blending

Shipment to sea vessel


Production and technological laboratory of PJSC «MMW» is recognized by the International Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) on the right to perform measurements in grain and feed. The laboratory is equipped with high-precision foreign equippment from global manufactures such as FOSS, Perten Instruments, Memmert, Chopin Technology, Seedburo Equipment Company, Ohaus and others.

In order to improve their level, the laboratory staff are constantly trained and participates in various seminars.

Controls the process of grain drying

Controls the provision of contractual indicators of grain quality at shipment

Determines the physical and chemical quality indicators in grains, pulses and oilseeds cropes.