CEO’s Message

MMW (Mykolaiv Milling Works) was established in 1951 as a national flour mill of the Soviet Union. Since then, MMW had not only played a central role in supplying flour products and feed in the Mykolaiv region for decades, but had also provided jobs to many local residents. Since then, as the industrial structure of Mykolaiv changed, MMW also tried to change into a grain export terminal.

Our company has prepared for the transition to a terminal in 2016, and began to provide the first grain storage and transshipment service from November of 2019. From 2020, it has been providing services to customers in earnest, and is becoming one of the major grain export terminals in Mykolaiv.

In addition, MMW is ranked among top 10 grain export termials in Ukraine. MMW is a joint venture between the major shareholders Posco International and the Orexim group. Both companies own 75% and 25% of MMW respectively. Posco International, a leading international trading and investment company in Korea, decided to invest in a joint venture based on the potential of the Ukrainian grain business.

The Orexim group is a Ukrainian company known for exporting edible oils and is engaged in agriculture and logistics related businesses. MMW, which was created as a result of the union of the two companies, now serves as a window for exporting grains grown in Ukraine to the world. MMW is striving to satisfy all customers through accurate quality control and fast storage/transshipment services. We have been recognized for laboratory quality control qualification by international grain associations such as Gafta, and we manage our customers’ products through the latest facilities. In addition, we will expand storage facilities in the mid to long term so that we can flexibly respond to the needs of various customers. We will always provide our customers with the best service based on our mindset that puts customers first.