July 30, 2021

Repair of railway track – increasing the processing capacity of the MMW Grain Terminal

On the eve of the new marketing year 2021-2022, at the request of the Grain Terminal of PJSC “MMW”, our partner – the Olshansk branch of the PJSC “Kyiv-Dnipro PPZhT” – carried out repairs of the railway track No. 5b, as a result of which a replacement was made wooden sleepers for reinforced concrete on a section with a length of 500 m, a turnout switch from the existing P50 to P65 was replaced with the replacement of wooden beams with reinforced concrete ones, a technological crossing was arranged across the specified path.

Additionally, the current profile was straightened at a given section, namely, the lift value was reduced on track section No. 5B, with a total length of 700 m, and two curved track sections (130 m) were also repaired.

“This repair will allow to submit from the Mykolaiv-Cargo station to our terminal of 14 wagons at the same time that in turn, will increase processing capacity of MMW.” – Operations Director of PJSC “MMW”, Pavlo Linnik.

Should be mentioned that the grain terminal, with a total storage capacity of 142 000 MT, accepts 7 200 MT per day by trucks and 6 800 MT by railway wagons.