November 16, 2020

The Korean company “Posco” donated over 1500 protective suits to the doctors of Mykolaiv city.

The South Korean group of companies “Posco” represented by the company “Posco International” donated charitable aid to the Mykolaiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital. For the needs of medical workers, they purchased 1,512 high-protection suits, manufactured in South Korea, for more than $ 13,000.
Protective equipment for doctors arrived in Kyiv on November 13, after which it was sent to Mykolaiv. On November 16, protective suits were handed over to the chief doctor of the Mykolaiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, Alexander Plitkin.
The group of companies adheres to the values ​​of socially responsible business, therefore, it implements charitable projects both in South Korea and in the countries where Posco and its subsidiaries operate.

“Our affiliated companies are located in Ukraine, in particular in Nikolaev – this is the private joint-stock company “Mykolaiv Milling Works”. Therefore, the employees of the Posco group of companies decided to raise funds and provide humanitarian aid for doctors of the Mykolaiv region in the form of high-quality protective medical suits. This will be our small contribution to the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus “. – the representative of the Posco International company and the general director of the PJSC Mykolaiv Milling Works Choi Ha Yong.

This project was successfully implemented thanks to the support of the Health Department of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, the Mykolaiv regional charitable organization Charitable Foundation “From Heart to Heart” and people’s deputy Galina Yanchenko.
On behalf of the entire staff of the children’s hospital, Alexander Plitkin, the chief doctor of the Mykolaiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, expressed sincere words of gratitude.

“Thanks to your support, our establishment has been replenished with such necessary protective equipment. Providing assistance, you not only transferred material values ​​to us, but also gave protection to the life of doctors, joy and hope for a better life.” said Alexander Plitkin.

Only thanks to well-coordinated joint efforts of the authorities, the health department of the regional state administration, the medical community of Mykolaiv region and representatives of socially responsible business, it is possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the territory of the Mykolaiv region.