March 12, 2022

POSCO International transferred a sum of half a million dollars for humanitarian assistance for Ukraine

Ukraine is now going through a very difficult period in its history, but the courage and heroism of Ukrainians are confidently leading us to victory. Everyone is trying to do what they can to help Ukraine to survive. Many employees of the Grain Terminal “MMW” (POSCO International group of companies) help volunteers and the territorial defense of the city. But not only Ukrainians support their country. Our Korean partners and friends are going through this difficult period with us!

One of the largest South Korean trade corporations, POSCO International, transferred $500,000 to Ukraine through the Red Cross for humanitarian aid.

In addition, the General Director of MMW, Choi Ha Yong, said: “We are constantly in contact with the new Ukrainian ambassador, and in Ukrainian Embassy in Korea a donation account has already been created with the support of our Korean companies and communities.

Many of our Korean colleagues and friends kindly donated funds on their own and continue to do that in support of Ukraine, in addition, their families and friends are also actively involved in this charitable activity.”

We thank POSCO International and all our South Korean friends who help Ukrainians to survive and win this war! Together we can do it!

Glory to Ukraine!