July 3, 2021

MMW accepted the first grain lots of the new 2021-’22 season

At the first week of July 2021, the MMW Grain Terminal accepted the first grain harvest of the new 2021-2022 season.

MMW Grain Terminal successfully started to accept the first lot of wheat cargo on from respectable and reputable customer on 3 July, 2021. Now we are accumulating the volume of the vessel batch for subsequent transshipment in July and are going to accept other customers cargo as well.

It should be reminded that the terminal’s technical capacity allows to handle over 2.5 million tons of grain per year. Additionally at the end of June 2021, the MMW Grain Terminal successfully held a tender for the purchase of top-off (STS) transshipment services, so this year, transshipment services to large-capacity vessels will be ready to work and provided more faster.