October 13, 2021

Inspection of the State Labor Office in the Mykolaiv region at the MMW Grain Terminal

From September 27 to October 8, 2021, our company passed a scheduled inspection of labor protection and industrial safety.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, the MMW Grain Terminal is qualified as a potentially hazardous enterprise and is subject to annual inspection. The work of the commission is aimed at identifying and eliminating violations by the enterprise that may lead to accidents, injuries and death of people.

In their work, inspectors of the State Labor Office in the Mykolaiv region monitor compliance with the labor protection standards; rules of hygiene and industrial sanitation; activities related to the operation of high-risk equipment; the identification and declaration of safety of high-risk facilities; compliance with the legislation in the field of labor protection for the safe conducting of works of increased danger; the quality of medical examinations and certification of workplaces.

During the inspection, a commission of 6 inspectors surveyed the territory, checked the technical condition of the equipment, labor protection documents, compliance of permits with the technological process and the work performed. Much attention was paid to training of personnel in high-risk work and the procedure for admission to independent work.

At the same time, there was control by the Environmental Inspectorate and the fire department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. On the territory of the enterprise, air samples were taken, the storage conditions and the procedure for waste management were checked. The Ministry of Emergency Situations checked the operability of automated fire alarm, protection and fire extinguishing systems. No significant violations were found.

Due to the well-coordinated actions of our company’s specialists and professional mutual understanding from the side of colleagues – representatives of state bodies, the active work of the enterprise administration to comply with state requirements of labor protection, fire safety, environmental protection and industrial safety, we can inform that the MMW Grain Terminal passed this comprehensive inspection with dignity. We are grateful to the team for their qualified work, and to the state inspectors for their assistance.