October 26, 2021

Record at the MMW Grain Terminal

The MMW Grain Terminal is currently actively working on loading grain crops on the vessels for our customers.

Loading works are carried out from a conveyor belt directly to a hold of the vessel standing at the berth No. 10 at the Mykolaiv seaport.

We would like to remind that the maximum draft of the vessel at this berth is 10.3 meters. This parameter and technical characteristics of the vessel regulate the quantity of crop loaded at the berth, usually the cargo is about 35-40 thousand tons. With larger tonnages, the vessel is loaded on the roadstead.

Yesterday, October 25, 2021, our company completed the transshipment of wheat on the vessel “Meteor”. The volume of culture loaded on the vessel at the berth reached almost 50 thousand tons (49,934 thousand tons), which is the largest cargo at the berth for the entire period of operation activity of the MMW Grain Terminal.

We are glad that our company reaches new heights and sets records in work! In addition, MMW had been settled down a Top-Off service that gives a possibility to handle the entire volume of Panamax type vessel. Thus, Terminal will handle all the volumes on its own further. We will report the information in a new article.