February 15, 2022

From the beginning of MY 2021/22 MMW grain terminal handled more than 40% of all exported rye from Ukraine

According to APK-Inform, from July to January 2021/22 was exported 156.6 thousand tons of rye, which is 88 times higher than the shipped volume for the same period a season earlier in physical terms.

MMW terminal handled 64.4 thousand tons of rye, which is more than 40% of all exported rye from Ukraine.

Choi Ha Yong, General Director of MMW, noted that the decision to work with rye was very risky: “The dynamics of rye exports over previous years indicated that this market is not very liquid and there is a risk for the Terminal to accept this kind of grains. But I thank our clients (UDG Trading and ALFA Smart Trading) who opened new markets, established direct contacts with end buyers, rye proved to be a well-turned cargo. For example, in January of this year, we shipped 22.0 thousand tons of rye to the ALTHEA vessel. Previously, it was difficult to even imagine such shiploads of rye.”

Also, the Head of MMW (POSCO INT. group of companies) notes that the Terminal has significantly increased the range of cargo handled. This season, the Terminal has already handled: corn, barley, wheat, soybeans and rye.